Friday, 29 April 2011

Homework Questions 29th April!

1) What is the coolest thing you learned about your classmates? What made it cool?

- I'm not gonna lie I have an awful memory...worst than a goldfish and I totally forgot most of what people said. The only thing I did remember was that someone like putting Cheetos up their nose or I guess that's kinda cool!

2) What are your hopes for this class? What do you hope to learn about Egypt?

- I don't have many hopes for class just that it's fun and I learn as much as I did last semester about the solar system! I hope to learn lots about all the Pharaohs and what they all got up too. I'm also looking forward to learning lots about how all the pyramids and sphinxes came to be. The way they preserve all the bodies and the mummification process kinda intrigues me too...although it grosses me out lot aswell

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Farewell Dear Pluto!

Mr Pluto
 Dwarf Planet (Old Planet Nine)
The Solar System
Milkyway Galaxy

August 24th, 2006,

Dear Mr Pluto Planet,

It is with great regret I am writing to tell you that you have been evicted from the solar system. We can no longer continue to pretend that you are big enough for this place. Especially now as we have discovered newer objects, some of which are bigger than yourself and we just can not include you in our group anymore. We have found that your icy demeanor of -390° F is upsetting some of your neighbors. Also, we have found it it just taking you too long to complete a full orbit of the sun, 90,465 days just isn't acceptable. As you have also chosen to divert from the path the rest of the planets keep this has been yet another factor counting against you.

You will be given a new and sparkly title of 'Dwarf Planet' which comes with many benefits. Some of which include moving to the scenic area of the Kuiper Belt belt. Here you'll have spectacular views of the solar system and also the rest of the milky-way. It's a pleasant neighborhood with plenty of room for you and your three moons. You may also remain at a distance of 7.38 billion km from the sun :)

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may cause to you. I hope you can accept our decision and you will enjoy your new home as part of the Kuiper Belt!

Yours Sincerly,
JamieJo, Planet Earth.

Friday, 8 April 2011

My Alien from Jupiter

So this is Mr QuackkyFrog and he's a cross between a duck/penguin/frog thingy! He's got big waddy flippers to help him swim through the super thick air/liquidiy stuffs. He's a small creature because they day's aren't long enough for him to get up to lots of mischief so he has to save on his energy. He has a really thick warm fussy coat becuase its super cold there and he needs to keep warm somehows. Thats also why he's tiny so he can keep himself warm!

- Jamie,xo

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My Sun Alien....

Okay soooo this luffly alien flutterby thinger doesn't have legs because the surface is waaaaay too hot for her to touch so she's gotta fly everywhere! Then she only has one eye because it made her look cute :D Also the antenna thingys do something chemical so that she can inhale hydrogen.

- Jamie,xo

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Solar System Questions!

1) What, in your own words, is the solar system? Explain in detail.

- It is a great big ball of sparkly stars and planets that spin around a giant star called the sun. It's reallllly old(500 bilion years or something), even older than the dinosaurs and our great great great great grandparents! There are lots of different parts to our solar system but it's focus is on the 8 planets and 140 moons. The inside planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth (where we are) and Mars. The outside planets then Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and these are separated from the inside planets by a huge belt of asteroids and other bits and bobs.

2) What would you like to learn about the solar system? List several topics.

- How it was made or just how planets and starts get made ect...
- What's special about all the different planets
- Why Pluto isn't a planet anymore

- Jamie,xo

Friday, 18 March 2011

The Fat Q's

1) Do you prefer to work in groups or on your own? Explain your choice and give examples.

- I like  working in groups is more fun beacuse it means we can all bring our own different points of views and ideas to the assignments and things :D

2) What are the consequences for bullying and disruptions of class? Be specific.

- The consequences of bullying are really not very nice at all. It can make a person feel so small and stupid and make them feel all isolated from the class and that's not fair to anyone. Bullying is not a very nice thing as it can really affect peoples feelings even if things are said as a 'joke' people should always try to think about what they are saying and how other people might react to it before saying it. Also the bullies themselves clearly get punished and this could lead to lots of bad things for them I guess what really is the upside of bullying?!

- The consequences of disrupting class just means it's not a nice experience for everyone else in the class as it distracts the teacher because they'll have to keep telling them to be quiet ect which means we won't get to have as much fun in class 'less people cooperate!

Lord you can sooo tell ima college student RL huh?!....I never know when to shutup haha

- Jamie,xo

What A good teacher should be....

A teacher should be someone who is enthusiastic about what they teach and someone who is so passionate about the subject that they pass this on to us (the students). They should be someone who looks for fun and exciting ways to teach us all about new things. I think they should be able to engage with us on all different levels and to understand that everyone learns in different ways and at different paces but they allow us all to work at our own speeds encouraging us all each step of the way so we can achieve our absolute best!

I haven't been going to school long enough in SL to really have a 'best teacher' not that none of them have been amazing but all the ones who stand out to me have been my RL teachers. One of which was my elementary school science teacher and he really was a mad professor....he once had us standing out in the playground all day drawing around our shadow each time the moved to show us how the sun and earth revolve! I remember all his lessons SO clearly even though they are from about 15ish years ago now.

I learn best by all the visual and engaging methods, like when we have to actually stand up and move around the classroom...or move objects around ect. One of the Best SL classes where I learned alot was a class with Miss Katey where she taught us all about lag and the best ways in which we can reduce it and what all the different types of lag were. I think everyone in that class agreed it was the most useful lesson we had :D


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