Friday, 18 March 2011

The Fat Q's

1) Do you prefer to work in groups or on your own? Explain your choice and give examples.

- I like  working in groups is more fun beacuse it means we can all bring our own different points of views and ideas to the assignments and things :D

2) What are the consequences for bullying and disruptions of class? Be specific.

- The consequences of bullying are really not very nice at all. It can make a person feel so small and stupid and make them feel all isolated from the class and that's not fair to anyone. Bullying is not a very nice thing as it can really affect peoples feelings even if things are said as a 'joke' people should always try to think about what they are saying and how other people might react to it before saying it. Also the bullies themselves clearly get punished and this could lead to lots of bad things for them I guess what really is the upside of bullying?!

- The consequences of disrupting class just means it's not a nice experience for everyone else in the class as it distracts the teacher because they'll have to keep telling them to be quiet ect which means we won't get to have as much fun in class 'less people cooperate!

Lord you can sooo tell ima college student RL huh?!....I never know when to shutup haha

- Jamie,xo


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