Friday, 18 March 2011

What A good teacher should be....

A teacher should be someone who is enthusiastic about what they teach and someone who is so passionate about the subject that they pass this on to us (the students). They should be someone who looks for fun and exciting ways to teach us all about new things. I think they should be able to engage with us on all different levels and to understand that everyone learns in different ways and at different paces but they allow us all to work at our own speeds encouraging us all each step of the way so we can achieve our absolute best!

I haven't been going to school long enough in SL to really have a 'best teacher' not that none of them have been amazing but all the ones who stand out to me have been my RL teachers. One of which was my elementary school science teacher and he really was a mad professor....he once had us standing out in the playground all day drawing around our shadow each time the moved to show us how the sun and earth revolve! I remember all his lessons SO clearly even though they are from about 15ish years ago now.

I learn best by all the visual and engaging methods, like when we have to actually stand up and move around the classroom...or move objects around ect. One of the Best SL classes where I learned alot was a class with Miss Katey where she taught us all about lag and the best ways in which we can reduce it and what all the different types of lag were. I think everyone in that class agreed it was the most useful lesson we had :D



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