Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Solar System Questions!

1) What, in your own words, is the solar system? Explain in detail.

- It is a great big ball of sparkly stars and planets that spin around a giant star called the sun. It's reallllly old(500 bilion years or something), even older than the dinosaurs and our great great great great grandparents! There are lots of different parts to our solar system but it's focus is on the 8 planets and 140 moons. The inside planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth (where we are) and Mars. The outside planets then Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and these are separated from the inside planets by a huge belt of asteroids and other bits and bobs.

2) What would you like to learn about the solar system? List several topics.

- How it was made or just how planets and starts get made ect...
- What's special about all the different planets
- Why Pluto isn't a planet anymore

- Jamie,xo


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