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Farewell Dear Pluto!

Mr Pluto
 Dwarf Planet (Old Planet Nine)
The Solar System
Milkyway Galaxy

August 24th, 2006,

Dear Mr Pluto Planet,

It is with great regret I am writing to tell you that you have been evicted from the solar system. We can no longer continue to pretend that you are big enough for this place. Especially now as we have discovered newer objects, some of which are bigger than yourself and we just can not include you in our group anymore. We have found that your icy demeanor of -390° F is upsetting some of your neighbors. Also, we have found it it just taking you too long to complete a full orbit of the sun, 90,465 days just isn't acceptable. As you have also chosen to divert from the path the rest of the planets keep this has been yet another factor counting against you.

You will be given a new and sparkly title of 'Dwarf Planet' which comes with many benefits. Some of which include moving to the scenic area of the Kuiper Belt belt. Here you'll have spectacular views of the solar system and also the rest of the milky-way. It's a pleasant neighborhood with plenty of room for you and your three moons. You may also remain at a distance of 7.38 billion km from the sun :)

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may cause to you. I hope you can accept our decision and you will enjoy your new home as part of the Kuiper Belt!

Yours Sincerly,
JamieJo, Planet Earth.


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